Friday, October 19, 2007

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome to the Sex Videos Network

September 17, 2007 - We welcome you to our launch of The Adult Sex Videos Netork learning interactive website blog. A first of its kind we asure you; Now before we begin or you begin to venture through our site please know now and understand clearly that we have mandatory guidelines/instructions that you must agree too and follow to be considered a lawful and welcomed visitor.

To be a considered a lawful and welcomed visitor you must and shall to meet the following:
1. The Adult Sex Videos Network is an adult only website. You must be over 18years old to be considered a lawful visitor. "ADULTS ONLY WEBSITE ~ MINORS NOT ALLOWED". So there you have it if your a person over 18 (an adult) you're welcome to enter our site. Now, if you're a minor and are reading this please respect the law and our policy and move on to another site. We know this maybe hard and you're going to do what you want too in the end; so just consider this before you move on. a) Adults Only Website - Age requirements policy etc.. etc..: Before you now is a warning, requirement etc. that you must follow to enter. This warning is nothing new to you, you've seen it before it's applied to many things etc., but nevertheless it is a warning because to minors exists a potential for harm. My questions to you now are this: Do you know why we and many sites like ours apply this warning and really thought about it? Or Do you think as anyone would "This is a sex site, sex is for adults, bottom line minors not allowed"? I bet you to the first question you answered 'No'. I say this only because I bet that 99.9999% answered 'Yes' to the second question. Our Point: What you see before you is what you or anyone might consider a generalization of understanding to something, anything that appears 100% obvious in nature: Simply put: People make generalisations of understandings when: confronted/something is before them anything, where all the elements are seen as obvious to their identity and definition. We do this, people do this all the time, it's human nature. Now, while I don't want to get too deep into this subject let me just say that sometimes this quality of ours can stop or prevent us from really and truely understanding what is before us: this can sometimes be harmful or sometimes be beneficial. In the case or situation before you as I said before exisits the potential for harm, but again I bet because you've made a generalisation assumption of understanding you really and truely think the resulting harm is not a factor or minimal to you, right? Be surprised to know that if you agree, which 99.9999% of you do, then you're Wrong. Yes my young friend Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Take comfort in knowing that it's not your fault but know with certainty that you are Wrong! Huh, but how can that be you ask? Let me show you. "Driving the point Home": Bottom Line, if you are a minor and think or believe and have rationalized that the harm is a non-factor or minimal to you because you kind of understand what sex is and feel to know that if you see it presented to you you can handle it, understand it, etc., no problem. I tell you now that no matter how smart you are, how understanding you are, and how strong you believe that you can handle sex presented to you in this manner, you my friend have the wrong understanding for the harm that exists. Now, I've rambled on about this for a bit to show you that we care and want you to be a thinker in life and not an actor, moreover to give you the minor a detailed explination of the harm exists and not just another general warning to something that everyone may consider is obvious. So we begin, 1. You have the "Warning, No Minors Allowed because this is a Sex Site and Against the Law, etc.", as a minor and to however you rationalize this or not, bottom line here you say 'Bull-Shit, Whatever'. So for what I think will be a first, let me say 'Woowhhhh Boyyy or Girllll Hold on a Sec. This is not Bullshit, not to be considered whatever" to do so you've just done what I've been explaining: This is you making a "Generalisation of Understanding" to the obvious topic of Sex or Porn. You have a warning directed before you for a reason to the obvious topic of sex or porn". Moreover, the warning you probably understand is there because in one way or the other for you to enter the site it's against the law for minors to view this content. The End, right? Wrong. sex or porn can be harmful and because you've made a "GofU" prevents you from asking why or what of the harm, this because you really and truely think and believe you know. Well, lets see if you do. First, know that the answers and understandings to and of the million questions of: Sex or Porn, what is it, how do you define it, is it good, is it dirty, etc. etc., give the end result of your sexual relation actions that you will take. So to learn or see sex in a bad or violent presentation as a minor may cause you to one day take physical actions that can be harmful, to you or others. Before, I give you a brief example know as fact that anyone considered a minor has had limited sexual relations, with few different partners: Bottom Line it is safe to say that minors however catagorized can be considered to have little experience in sexual relations. Now, in this initial learning phase throw in sex or porn content that can be seen as dirty or violent to a minor. What do you as a minor reading this think will result or be the effect to the minor? Before you answer you should know that it is a question that NO MINOR can answer to self and be valid. It is this reason that we through experience believe can concieve the HARM for sex. Now, for you who don't believe what I'm saying may be or is true consider this. A minor age 16 sees a porn video depicting a man recieving oral sex in a manner that is hard-core, rough to the women, etc. and understands this as a violent blowj, today he doesn't like it, but later in life decides to re-enact the scene causing harm to some degree to you or your partner. Bottom Line Harm is caused. So there you have it. Hope you listen and Good Luck.

2. This site will try to present sex situations that you can preform in a safe and instructional way as best we can that you may benefit to better and safe and healthy sex.